Terms Consigned To The History Books; "Cash Only"

Cash only. It's the those two dreaded words which, when strung together in that order, instil fear into the heart of any shopper these days.

It wasn't so long ago that stopping by a cash machine before going on a night out, a shopping trip etc. was a prerequisite. It simply wasn't possible to function without physical tender.

Those days are quickly being consigned to scrapheap of history. Nowadays the term “cash only” is seldom seen outside of late night kebab shops. Everything from small pop-up markets to local boutique businesses has card payment capabilities, whether online or offline; it's seen as the norm these days. And if you're not keeping up, you're losing out on sales and customers.

Shopping locally used to mean cash only, but not anymore. Small businesses are adapting to new technology and are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the ways in which they are allowing customers to shop with them.

Shopping locally used to mean visiting a physical store to make a purchase, but even that is not necessarily the case anymore. Even small local businesses are offering online ordering options to ensure more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately a larger market share as a result of all this.

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